Beacons, Windcones, REILs, PAPIs
NavAids. Whether you are trying to match existing or upgrade your field, let us use our buying power to get the best price on new NavAids. If you have a preference, we can provide equipment from the manufacturer of your choice. If you havenít developed your preference, let us show you the strengths of each system.

Have you recently undergone an upgrade and the installer has provided a new piece of equipment? We also will make an offer on your NavAids repair parts and supplies if you are looking to harmonize your parts supply and repair procedures.




Obstruction Lighting

PAPIs (Precision Approach Path Indicator)

Parts for Beacons

Parts for Obstruction Lighting

Parts for PAPIs

Parts for REILs

Parts for VASIs

Parts for Windcones

REILs (Runway End Identifier Lights)

VASIs (Visual Approach Slope Indicator)