Welcome to blueglobes.

We are suppliers of equipment, parts and lamps for airfield lighting. If you are operating an FAA-approved or non-FAA-approved lighting system, we would like to be your supplier.

Our goal is to provide replacement fixtures, parts and lamps to our Airport Customers in the time you need and at the competitive price.

Whether you are using generic equipment or proprietary equipment, please consider us as a source for the materials you need to keep the runway open. We are an independent supplier and as such, we can offer a broad range of equipment and parts if your goal is to standardize or if your goal is to maintain what exists on your field.

We invite you to try our service. We pledge to provide a knowledgeable sales staff and a productive use of your time on our web site. Our most popular parts are listed on this site. If you do not see what you need to keep your system running, please call and we will quote your requirements.

There are three reasons we have for claiming our service will keep you as our customer:

1. Each of our parts is detailed on the web so that you can buy without mistakes at a time convenient to your schedule, either on the web or by toll-free fax or telephone at
(866) 4 GLOBES [866.445.6237].

2. Each of our sales professionals are trained in service and customer satisfaction. You will not find a cumbersome voice mail queue at blueglobes. If our lines are busy, leave your name and number and we call you back!

3. All products in stock are guaranteed to ship within 24 hours. When we say we have it, you've got it!

As our site is custom-made to deliver service to Airports, we allow only registered users to enter. This means that our servers are working only for our customers and not for browsers, spammers and general commercial or public traffic. If you have not received your registration ID in the mail from us, please call us and request the information
(866) 4 GLOBES [866.445.6237].

We also encourage you to check out the site. Some helpful links on our site are:

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