Lamps, Bulbs and Tubes
Lamps, bulbs and flashtubes for all equipment types. We source from all the major manufacturers. If your requirements are not listed, please contact us so that we may add them to our system. Lamps that are universal or generic may be provided from any one of our manufacturers.

Did you know that older lights have, in many cases, been re-approved with lower wattage lamps? Lower wattage lamps provide savings in energy and in lamp replacement costs as heat build-up is a principal contributor to lamp failure. Many combinations of older fixtures and newer lamps may be operated without changing the series isolating transformer.



Guidance Signs

High Intensity Elevated Edge Lights

Medium Intensity Elevated Edge Lights


Obstruction Lighting

PAPIs (Precision Approach Path Indicator)

REILs (Runway End Identifier Lights)

Runway Centerline Lights (Inpavement)

Taxiway Centerline Lights (Inpavement)

VASIs (Visual Approach Slope Indicator)